Friday, August 07, 2009

on delivery: limited edition 2-disc CD and two blu-rays

Spending holiday - getting bored at home for 2 weeks doesn't mean you can't do your shopping. in this case, thank God for ONLINE SHOP! (seriously!)...currently, I'm waiting for these babies:

1.) very limited edition of 2 Disc set Sarah Brightman's Symphony (audio orchestra only) - the compilation of Sarah's best recording...what excites me most is that...I could use it for practice! yep...karaoke thing...:) [tho kinda pricey...$50!grrr]

2.) Revolutionary Road Blu-Ray. I read the announcement in my Amazon's cart that the price had somewhat decreased very sharply until $14.99 only! so...BUNGKUS*!

3.) RENT: Live on Broadway Blu-Ray... I'd been sobbing for months in order to get this baby. why? Amazon really set the price very high ($27.99) and I decided to pass because with all those shipping and such, it still expensive for me...well,looks like God wanted me to keep on waiting and be patience and YES! by the time I read the announcement, it went down to $*! (later this day I checked again and guess what! the price increased again up to $23.99!!!thank you Lord!!!!)

PS: *) BUNGKUS means - I used that word for my own version of 'okay then,buy it!'

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