Wednesday, August 05, 2009

HK & China Buying Trip: Photos took me ages to post these - mind you, i'm not a 'techno' person so please, accept my apology for the so-long-lost update...buying trip from 18th-22nd March 2009 held by Lasalle and Travelux..enjoy! :)

Day 1: we look extremely tired as soon as we landed on HKIA...see those faces??? yep!...lunch time! (find me!) - went to Jewelry factory and then shopping around Mong Kok area...yippee!

Day 2: around Hong Kong Island - HK exhibition center for Interstoff and IFC mall (too bad..didn't take any pics from there, instead enjoy the sceneries of skyscrapers! :P)

see the notes above? it says: to avoid causing obstruction or injuries to others, use fishing equipment with caution. those who fail to do so will be prosecuted. ya know, the law in HK is damn strict i'm tellin ya!

picture above was taken from our bus that took us to the border for our next destination: Guangzhou via Shenzhen...what a view! kinda foggy on March 19th...:)

Day 3: Guangzhou
above is Bai Ma/Pai Ma wholesale market...met couple of Indonesian people there...;)

above: Beijing Lu Shopping district...yes, it's not a shopping complex like most of Indonesian cities but i gotta admit, street shopping is so much fun!!! I even got some stuff that's EXTRA CHEAP...but not all of them tho...some brand like Giordano, Bossini tend to have higher price than Jakarta..;)

Day 4: back to Hong Kong via Shenzhen...visit accessories wholesale market...lunch (this time Indonesian cuisine!! AH FEELS LIKE HOME!!!) and then to Lo Wu market @ Shenzhen...nothin to buy...kinda bored already...:P
above: view of Lo Wu railway could use many kinds of transportation actually to get back to HK...rail...road...(not air I'm afraid, cause the distance was like only half

above: MTR station @ Hong Kong Island (or is it Kowloon? kinda forget the detail lil bit!^^)..took the pic around 12.30 really shop till we drop! :)

Day 5: back to Jakarta - saddd...:(
above: taken at Victoria Peak...look at us....still in the mood for picture although we're really in bad health...tired and such...:P

above: view of Hong Kong Island and it's INCREDIBLE!!! kinda cloudy that day...taken from the observation area...

above: we went to Madame Tussaud...only for like 10-20 minutes...time was very limited...this shot..well, not really my favorite but it's kinda funny to had our picture with Brangelina...I mean, yeah they're just wax statue but whatever!

above: okay everyone...Einstein will teach you how to use the formula correctly (well, I wish he was alive!!)

above: the view of Hong Kong and Jumbo restaurant ...again...a shot that I really liked!!! had lunch @ Jumbo floating restaurant and then back to HKIA for our departure to Jakarta - home sweet home!!! :)
PS: actually there are more than 60 photos...unfortunately, I'm not gonna put all of them here..wasting bandwidth and pages as well...:P

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