Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pink Coat Everywhere Part one

Ok I am so confused with the new layout that Blogger applied for this..oh well, change was meant to happened anyway..:D

And I am not joking with the title either, I loved my pink coat ever since I bought it (and wore it of course). Have been wearing it almost every single day for this chilly yet unpredictable fall season in NYC. Btw, the coat was from H&M.

location: Herald Square Park, 34th and 35th, New York, NY.

I am always a coffee person. I can drink up to three cups a day. (Ok, I am a bit exaggerating on it :D)

Outfit = hat - H&M, stripes turtle neck - Zara, coat - H&M, necklace - Moselle, shorts - Zara, tights - Zara, boots - UGG

Anyway, how are you peeps? NYC was having a mood swing with its' weather lately, sometimes it hit 30-40F, sometimes it even hit 65F in the day..phew..:(

God bless you!

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