Monday, April 26, 2010

Elly who? Elly Jackson!

Yes...Elly Jackson rocks!!! with her simple bold stylish but clean and neat at the same time makes me fall in love with her! nope, I'm still straight and not lesbian but I will be very happy if I am given a chance to give her a kiss on her cute gentle lips! ahaha, well I am too darn hyperbole here already..just take a quick look at her photos below, seems that she's having an addiction to one of her favorite necklace. she wore it many many times with different outfits! guess what, I want the same necklace as well! Fashion, u really made us all women suffer, u know! :P

ever wonder who's Elly Jackson?!? click

pictures were taken from the internet search. copyright to and some other websites as well...:)

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