Wednesday, November 25, 2009

shop shop shop - till u drop!

So this is how I spent my money for my own guilty pleasures...=)

Unlike any other stars, Barbra always did a successful job to keep me mesmerized with all her albums and the packaging! a very worthy collection for just Rp 100.000 ($10)

another one of the worthy collection from the King of Pop...THIS IS IT!!!

no need to think twice about buying those 3: ABBA the Dancing Queen Collection (3DVDs&1booklet; Region 0), Air Supply the Ultimate Collection (2CDs,1DVD&1booklet; Region0), The Chicago story CD

from left to right: Eyes Wide Shut, Confession of a Shopaholic (both Region 3) and Sex and the City (Region1)

besides Barbra is Air Supply All out of Love Live in Canada (1CDand1DVD)

last but not least, Air Supply again..this time compilation CD :)

it's a WRAP!

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