Friday, July 03, 2009

The next opera rising star: Kate Shelehova

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present you...


13 years old Kate Shelehova is a magnificent girl with superior talent that even most adult singers would never even achieve. Kate had been singing (professionally, of course) since she was just 3 years old. with her unique Soprano voice, no doubt that she will be the next Charlotte Church or even the late Maria Callas of her era. with proper training and good lifestyle, who knows someday that the world will accept her and her music not because of the genre (Classic and Opera,well, not everyone is a fan) but because of the talent she spread worldwide. Bravo Kate! Good luck with your music career! We support you from our deepest heart!

PS: I found out about Kate firstly and foremost when I spent the entire night on YouTube looking for something worthful to watch (and of course,hear!). I was about to close the page when I saw one of the announcement on the bottom right page that says "young opera singer singing the laughing song by Strauss"...I was like "okay, please don't tell me that this is another girl who's trying to immitate an opera and perform it poorly"...however, yes, a true talent is always meant to be a secret and surprise. as soon as I clicked that link, I was absolutely thrilled! Shelehova is sweet and refreshing! of course she still has to learn much especially with all the breathing and vibration but all I could say that night was: "OMG"...I starred onto the PC's screen dunno for how many long. I was absolutely gobsmacked! I like her style and her voice. She's truly a Gift from God!

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